Food Menus

Something to nibble
Almendras £2.95
Salted Almonds (n)

Aceitunas Mixtas £3.25
Mixed Spanish olives

Aceitunas Gordal y Manchego £3.95
Giant pitted Gordal olives & Manchego cheese in a chilli & olive oil marinade

Boquerones £5.00
Fresh white anchovies in vinegar and garlic olive oil

Pimientos de Padrón £5.75
The Galician village of Padrón is famous for these tiny green peppers, but beware, for one in every...? is a mini flamethrower!

Breads & dips
Pan Fresco £1.95
Basket of fresh bread

Why not select a dipping sauce to accompany your bread...?
£1.30 each or £3.50 for 3

Pan con Ajo £3.25
Garlic bread

Pan con Ajo y Queso £3.95
Garlic bread with cheese

Pan con Tomate £3.50
Tomato rubbed bread

Pan con Salsa Brava y Queso £4.00
Toasted bread, topped with brava sauce & grilled cheese

Trio de Tostadas £5.25
Trio of toasted bread.Topped with goats cheese, serrano ham & sobrasada

Ensalada de Queso Azul y Nueces £7.25
Baby spinach, blue cheese & walnuts, drizzled with fig balsamic & extra virgin olive oil

Ensalada Griega £6.95
A mixed Greek salad with feta cheese, drizzled in extra virgin olive oil & balsamic vinegar

Ensalada Pan Y Vino £7.25
House salad with tuna, peppers, tomatoes & onions, topped with a hard-boiled egg & our house dressing

Ensalada de Pollo y Chorizo £7.95
Mixed salad with sliced chicken breast & chorizo, drizzled with house dressing.

Wooden Boards Charcuterie

Jamón Serrano Gran Reserva £5.70
A platter of famous Spanish Serrano ham, dry-cured for a minimum period of 14 months

Jamón y Queso Manchego £6.25
Dry-cured serrano ham gran reserva & Manchego cheese

Tabla de la Casa - Sharing Board £12.50
A tasting platter, perfect for sharing. Cured serrano ham gran reserva, Iberico pork loin, chorizo picante, venison chorizo & cured manchego cheese. Served with fresh bread, mixed olives & a dip of your choice

Selección de Quesos - Sharing Board £8.95
A selection of fine Spanish cheeses; de cabra [goat's cheese), Manchego, Mahon, ldiazabal & cabrales (blue). Served with membrillo (quince jelly), & fresh bread